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There’s something I need to tell you, friend...


As we look forward to the holidays and wrapping up the year, The Winston CPA Group is sending a friendly reminder that tax time is almost here, again!

We know how stressful this time of year can be for everybody wondering what you can deduct or if you'll be audited by the IRS. I want to personally invite you to join our Tax Prep Waitlist for the upcoming tax season. 

Joining our Tax Prep Waitlist means that we'll file your federal and state income tax returns before we file anyone else's. We'll also go over your returns with you and keep you updated along the way for peace of mind. We want tax season to be stress-free so you can focus on running your business and living life!  

This season will be super busy and much more complicated with PPP, EIDL loans, and stimulus checks. Because of that, we're limiting the number of tax clients we're taking. Since we know you or previously connected with you, we wanted to tell you first before all spots are filled. If you want to get ahead of the game, GET ON THE WAITLIST NOW.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get on the Tax Prep Waitlist. What do I need to do?

If you want to be first on our Tax Prep Waitlist, click the “Add Me to the Waitlist" button below. We'll email you a few weeks before tax season starts so you can start gathering your paperwork.

I need to get my books together before I can file. Can you help?

You're not the only one. This year was super challenging for entrepreneurs trying to get their finances in order. We can assist you with cleaning up your books before year-end so that you're ready for tax season.

Fill out this form and our team will be in touch

Can you file my personal tax return too?

Yes, we'll file both your business and personal tax returns. Select the “both” option when you complete the form. If you don't own a business, select the Individual option.

I don't own a business but still need to file my taxes. Do you work with people with full-time jobs?

Yes! We have a special place at The Winston CPA Group for W-2 employees because y'all need a tax strategy too. We'll prepare your taxes PLUS grant you exclusive access to our Financial Literacy Portal so you can use your refund to make major money moves like fixing your credit, investing, or starting a business. Here's a preview of our Financial Literacy Portal.

I don't want to wait all that time for my refund. Can you get me an advance?

We sure can - we partner with banks who can get our clients up to $6,000 while you wait for your refund.

I have other years that I need to file. Can you file prior years too?

If you're behind on filing prior years we can assist you with those. There's a section on the waitlist form where you can tell us more about your tax situation.

I need to form an LLC because my business is still under my social security number.

We've heard this a lot this year and have assisted many business owners with creating LLCs. We can help you form your LLC or corporation and get other permits and state registrations your business may need. Get started here with LLC/entity formation.

What if I live in a different state?

No problem at all! Our firm is virtual and can prepare tax returns nationwide!

Do you need tax preparers?

We're always looking for top talent. If you're interested in our open Tax Preparer and Accounting Assistant role, please apply!

Office Desk


You need a tax strategy regardless of your income level. 

We get it, taxes are intimidating, plus taxpayers are always looking for more deductions. At The Winston CPA Group, we're about more than simply filing your tax returns. We work with clients to recommend the best tax strategy based on your income-generating activities, life events, and tax classification. 

Many of our clients are high-income earners and entrepreneurs with complex tax situations. We also have a special place in our firm for taxpayers who earn less than $100K per year and/or qualify for the EIC (Earned Income Credit).

Whatever your situation is, our team will file your federal, state, and local income tax returns while keeping you informed throughout the process.

We'll also alert you of tax law changes that impact you and share simple tax planning strategies that create the best possible tax position for your personal and business matters.

Click the link below to get started with tax prep now.

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