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I write about NIL deals, money, taxes, careers & all things accounting. 

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STH Detox Day 7 of 7

A reminder that when we’re in a situation it feels unbearable but when you emerge from it victorious, you appreciate that struggle...

STH Detox Day 6 of 7

Guess what? I tasted my Alfredo and that shit was GOOD. I then had 5 more spoonfuls of it. For a nanosecond I felt bad about it.

STH Detox Day 1 of 7

I’ve given to my career, businesses, family, & everything - time to work on me! Follow me on my 7-day raw vegan detox and return to bootcamp

STH Detox Day 4 of 7

How I’m feeling this morning Pray Meditate Stretch I woke up before my alarm again today. I prayed I stretched I took a minute to take in...

STH Detox Day 2 of 7

How I’m feeling this morning Pray Meditate Stretch Got up at 7:34 then again at 8:30 ready to start my day. Looking forward to bootcamp...

STH Detox Day 5 of 7

I’m going to weigh myself and see if the scale is still coming down. Not worried about all the indulgences I’m missing, instead I’m focused

STH Detox Day 3 of 7

The hard part about a detox is it makes you pissy AF! You have to know where a CLEAN bathroom is at all times.

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