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Our Stance on Hiring

Opportunities to work with us, as an employee, contractor, partner, or supporter are open to all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Here’s our EEO Policy.

We have roles open in different functions, but our hiring philosophy is standard. Before we scrutinize a resume, we’re keen to get to know you as a person and understand your character, ambition, and work ethic.

Success at The Winston CPA Group is heavily influenced by being organized, attentive to details, and operating with a sense of urgency. You must also be willing and able to maintain the strictest confidentiality given the access to sensitive client and company information.

You’re a Good Fit if You:

  • Think beneath the surface. Anybody can look at a P&L and see a $75,000 variance. Use your analytical skills to figure out what’s driving that variance. Is there a domino effect? What else in the business is impacted by this variance?

  • Exceed stakeholder expectations. Who needs to know about the variance above? What other insights would your stakeholders need to make decisions? This applies to both your internal and external stakeholders.

  • Use your voice. No one knows you need help unless you ask. Ask questions if you don’t understand. We’ll gladly make time to address your questions, concerns, and ideas.

  • Have the audacity to learn. Learning never gets old and there's always an opportunity to do it.

  • Are committed to excellence and being part of a team. This goes without saying. Why do something if you're not putting forth your best effort?!

You Are NOT A Good Fit if Any of These Describe You:

  • Need to be told what to do. We don't babysit or hold hands. Based on the work we do and client needs, we're certain there's always something to be done.

  • Have to be asked about the status of your work. When in doubt, overcommunicate. So many things go wrong when people fail to communicate. Even if it’s not the best news, sharing early and often helps us get in front of potential disasters. This includes both your internal and external customers. 

  • Make decisions that question your integrity or character. No explanation needed.

Too often people miss opportunities because they don't check every box on the requirements. Our firm is a place of learning, growth, and collaboration. If you don't 100% meet the requirements but you have the grit and willingness to learn, apply anyway.

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