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  • Nikki Winston, CPA

What You Must Do to Crush Your Goals

Updated: Jan 11

You ever saw somebody's post on social media and people comment like, "Sis you are #Goals" or repost a video with #RelationshipGoals hashtags? Or what about the pictures from vision board parties? They be so cute and seem like a lot of fun with brunch and champagne glasses and cute magazine cut-outs. That’s the fun side of goal setting; then there’s reality.

Goals sound good. They excite us. They also scare us.

Write down your goals. Video courtesy of CreateHERStock.

Social media has sprinkled glitter on a not so glittery situation. Goal setting is not a party, it's not a celebration. It's an eye-opening exercise in self-awareness AND it's uncomfortable.

You Have to Face Your Reality

When you set goals, you have to acknowledge where you are right now - and many of us don't like where we are right now. We want to improve our current situation and do it quickly. Goal setting can bring on feelings of inadequacy, defeat, guilt, and all those things that get in your head. When you know you’re not where you should be, it makes you feel a certain kinda way right?

With goal setting you’re planning ahead - where do you want to be, how many pounds do you need to drop, pay off debt, whatever the goal is. You're articulating where you want to be while keeping in mind where you are now.