STH Detox Day 6 of 7

In the homestretch of my 7-day raw vegan detox.
In the homestretch of my 7-day raw vegan detox.

How I’m feeling this morning

  • Pray

  • Meditate

  • Stretch

Goals for today

  • Keep going

  • Get some sun

  • Drink a gallon of lemon ginger mint water

  • Make sure my spaces are clean & neat

  • Do my video journal

  • Stick to today’s plan

  • Take multivitamin

Today’s Meals

  1. Alkaline water + lemon after waking up

  2. Spinach + coconut oil + maca + frozen banana + water

  3. STH detox juice

  4. Wheatgrass shot + kitchen sink salad or smoothie

  5. STH detox juice

  6. STH detox juice

  7. Kitchen sink salad or smoothie

  8. 8oz golden milk before bed

  9. Warm vegan milk + 1 tbsp of Golden Milk Mix

Today’s Challenges

None really. I’m still feeling good but ready to be done. I’m giving my body a much-needed physical break from bootcamp and opting for a casual walk around the Coca-Cola museum.

Today’s Wins

Still going. Despite us going out and about in Atlanta, I’m sticking to this.

After we got back from our family outing, I made shrimp Alfredo for everybody - despite the fact that (1) I’m still on my raw vegan detox and (2) I don’t even like shrimp! My shrimp Alfredo is the best because my kids said so and now so did all of my cousins. I added broccoli to sneak in some veggies then added the sautéed shrimp, pasta, sauce, and seasonings. It smelled incredible.

Guess what? I tasted my Alfredo and that shit was GOOD. I then had 5 more spoonfuls of it. For a nanosecond I felt bad about it. Then I said for what?! I’ve worked my ass off this week then I stopped myself from justifying my behavior. I did it and I’m not calling it a challenge. It is what it is. Period.