STH Detox Day 3 of 7

How I’m feeling this morning

  • Pray

  • Meditate

  • Stretch

Feeling good - went to bed at 4am trying to finish some client work. Got up at 11 - before the alarm I set for 12. I had a meeting overlap bootcamp so I may take today as a rest day after 2 days of bootcamp and back with Coach tomorrow.

I think I missed drinking my 3rd detox juice yesterday because I got so caught up in sticking to meals - lots of disruptions yesterday- minimizing those today.

Update: I did miss 1 of my juices yesterday. I’m doing 4 today.

Not really cooking today because I made so much good yesterday that I have leftovers. Probably not even gonna eat them - I’ve felt full most of the day. I don’t think it’s bloating because I don’t feel heavy or anything.

Goals for today

  • Get some sun - it’s been raining all week

  • Drink a gallon of lemon ginger mint water

  • Make sure my spaces are clean & neat

  • Do my video journal

  • Stick to today’s plan

  • Take multivitamin

Today’s Meals

  • Alkaline water after waking up

  • STH detox juice

  • STH detox juice

  • Smoothie King Smoothie - I went with my usual Vegan Nutty Grain smoothie but without the protein and apple juice: peanut butter, banana, cacao, almond milk

  • STH detox juice

  • STH detox juice

  • 8oz golden milk before bed - haven’t tried the tea yet but I will tomorrow




I have no words for what that was. No filter - that’s how HOT it was!

I felt the tendons in my glutes stretching and burning today.

I was listening to this BEFORE bootcamp and of course it got played!

I was warming up and telling myself it’s gon be alright 😩