STH Detox Day 2 of 7

How I’m feeling this morning

  • Pray

  • Meditate

  • Stretch

Got up at 7:34 then again at 8:30 ready to start my day. Looking forward to bootcamp at 12. No bubble guts no pain no tired feeling. No Monday blues - I’m excited for today. My early morning pee is clear! Remember when I said there would be some TMI moments? 😬😩🤣

Since I’m up early I’m going to finish my writing and prep the chickpeas and sweet potatoes for my salad today.

I got real hungry last night and ate until I was full. I made lots of raw vegan meals and had fun experimenting.

Goals for today

  • Bootcamp at 12

  • Get some sun

  • Read

  • Drink a gallon of lemon ginger mint water

  • Make sure my spaces are clean & neat

  • Do my video journal

  • Stick to today’s plan - mostly

  • Take multivitamin - forgot


BEFORE: I went in with the right mindset that I was there to PERFORM. There’s going to be some burning pain but push through!

AFTER: Jordan kicked my entire ass. I took a couple rests but I got back to it. I felt good for it being my 2nd day back at bootcamp in a year and a half.

I went in with the attitude that I was going to kill my workout. Started out great and amped up but got my ass handed to me but I made it through.

Oh shit bootcamp was CRAZY today! I could’ve called it today’s challenges but I’m calling it a win because I fought through it.

My brick almost took me out but I won! We didn’t use the weights but chile we didn’t need them. Jordan had us on our MF toes!

I needed to sit up against this wall before I walked to the car….

Oh we got it IN at 12. I didn’t come to MF play.

Challenged myself to finish my water before I got home. Mission accomplished. #SmallWins

Today’s Meals

  • Alkaline water after waking up

  • Chlorella + lime shot

  • Peanut butter + maca + frozen banana + almond milk

  • Challenged myself to finish my water before I got home. Mission accomplished. #SmallWins

  • Baby broccoli, red pepper, and artichoke salad with lemon vinaigrette (lemon zest & juice, garlic, oregano, olive oil, salt & pepper This was delicious - a modified HelloFresh or Sunbasket meal