Frustrated with the CPA Exam? Here's How I Used Failure as Motivation

Throwback to score release day 2017. My 10th exam. At this moment, I had just failed BEC with that gut-wrenching 74.

It was a retake since I’d lost credit from passing it before. I was barely hanging on to my audit credit which later expired because I was frustrated and questioned if I wanted to keep putting myself through the CPA exam torture.

I took a break for a few months to create a different plan to pass the CPA exam. My ambition wouldn't let me quit. I challenged myself to get all 3 credits back in 6 months and I did! One of the most crushing things for a CPA candidate is to lose credit. You studied so hard to pass 1 only to get stuck on the other sections. I kept all of my score notifications to remind me of what it took to get here. Having failed and lost credit many times, the CPA exam makes you question if it’s even worth it to be a CPA. Is it worth it? Yes, it absolutely is. Join us in the CPA Exam Virtual Classroom for study tips, group coaching, and practice exam workshops. It’s a great way to supplement your course materials. Even better news? I kept the holiday deals going. If you've considered joining the virtual classroom but weren't sure, get in now while membership is more than 50% off! It's frustrating being a CPA candidate.

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