CPA Exam 101: Getting Started with the CPA Exam

CPA Exam 101

I’m talking to the accounting students who are thinking about the CPA exam, the new accounting graduates who want to sit for the exam, and the seasoned accounting professionals who have, for whatever reason, have not completed the CPA exam process but want to do it this time. I realize that there’s so many of you who don’t know where to start and have so many questions about the CPA exam. Not sure if you’re eligible to sit, which review courses are the best, how to study and pass the exam, and career options once you become a CPA.

The CPA Exam 101 introductory course provides you with everything you need as you get started with the CPA exam. You will have plenty of time to learn about balance sheets and audit sampling and holders in due course. Before you get there, make sure you understand the key players in the CPA exam process, how to check your eligibility + I’ll answer questions you have about what to do first. I’m also sharing some things I dealt with while I was studying like wondering if I was smart enough to pass the CPA exam, and realizing memorizing is a waste of time. It got real. The CPA exam had me questioning my whole career. But . . . I was NOT going to be defeated. For those of you who have been taking exams but you feel stuck, this course can help you get back on track.


Ironically, I learned something new everytime I failed an exam. I scrutinized my score releases and brainstormed ways to learn the content. Learning how to bounce back from failing and how to stay motivated when everything around you is crumbling can’t be taught.

This course covers the basics of the CPA exam process and everything you need to know: from getting your NTS to applying for your license. I also shared some missteps I dealt with along the way and the things that worked for me while I was studying.

The is a 4-module free course with a bonus video + some insightful history lessons. Click the "GET ACCESS FOR FREE" link for instant access.

I do this because I love it, first and foremost, but also because there's a NEED to show candidates more effective ways of studying for the CPA exam beyond reading chapters and watching lecture videos. My coaching programs are interactive and designed to prepare you for the CPA exam AND for your career once you become a CPA.

Get instant access to the CPA Exam 101 course here: CPA EXAM 101 COURSE

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