CPA Candidate 101: Getting Started with the CPA Exam

Updated: Apr 6


For accounting students and new graduates who want to take the CPA exam but don’t know where to start, start with MY CPA Exam 101 course.

This is a FREE introductory workshop that answers your questions about:

- Mentally preparing for the CPA exam;

- Stumbling blocks you may have to deal with;

- Studying while working or with kids;

- My personal struggles with passing the CPA exam;

- The history and importance of you becoming a Certified Public Accountant.

Access the CPA Exam 101 Course for FREE.

Even if you’re a current CPA candidate but not feeling motivated, this workshop offers some recommendations for working through that - or “pushing past the BS” like my trainer says. LOL

Feel free to share with candidates you know who are struggling with the CPA exam or access the course to help you get started on your own CPA exam journey!

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