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  • Nikki Winston, CPA

#CareerConvos: The Best Career Advice I Ever Got: Do It Yourself

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

I made a post on LinkedIn last week about the best career advice I ever received. In talking to people who commented on the post it took me back to that era - that time when I was fresh outta school. 

The feeling of graduating and becoming a professional. The few weeks between getting my accounting degree from The Ohio State University’s Max M. Fisher College of Business and receiving the verbal offer from Mr. Noles was surreal. Then that quick - I’m relocating, house hunting with the company-assigned realtor, and preparing to put these 5 years of accounting studies to use. 

My first job out of school was initially nothing like I intended it to be. Partly because I imagined my first “real job” to be in some swanky office building with floor to ceiling windows in a major city with beautiful weather and lots of traffic. I’d occasionally travel to different offices, meet lots of people, and enjoy the perks of being in the accounting industry. While I did travel to different offices and meet lots of people, instead my first real job was in an “office-like” structure that sat across the railroad tracks from the plant where chemicals I’d never heard of were converted into many everyday things that required adhesion.