Being Consistently Inconsistent

Hey y’all, I’m Nikki Winston and welcome to The WERKin’ Mommas podcast. I’m a mompreneur, CPA, and award-winning writer with my career advice featured in your favorite magazines. I’m sharing the accounting tips entrepreneurs need to know, CPA exam study tips, and career advice that millennials need to win in these corporate streets. You’ll also hear the frolics and frustrations of a mother to 2 growing kids. 

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It doesn’t matter who I ask: moms, CPA candidates, entrepreneurs, we all have some long-winded reason for not doing things as we think they should be done. Moms know we need to work out and we’ll go 2 weeks strong then fall off. Candidates know they need to be studying and they do good for a few days before all motivation is gone. Business owners need to hire an accountant but only do it when it’s too late. 

How long are you doing to be consistently doing things inconsistently?! As crazy as it sounds - it’s a struggle too many of us can relate to. We do things - the right things - consistent for a few days, then we fall off, get back up, and keep going on this cycle.

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Then you wonder why you’re not where you should be. In this time of uncertainty and wondering what the next move is gonna be, listen to this bonus episode of The WERKin’ Mommas podcast to (1) hear my personal goal of being more consistent and (2) how to create your own plan so that you’re not doing so much that you’re not really doing anything.


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