The WERKin' Mommas Podcast

If you're tuning in to The WERKin' Mommas podcast for the first time, welcome, thank you for being here. 

If you're a regular listener: hey, hello, welcome back!

  • I'm here to talk about a PLETHORA of things - I am a Certified Public Accountant, a CPA exam instructor & coach, a writer, podcaster and owner of The Winston CPA Group.

  • I also like to give career advice and share my experiences as a black woman/disruptive millennial working in corporate America while running my own businesses.

  • I don't edit my podcast. I want the organic emotion, the feeling, the moment to live through the episodes and I don't want to edit out something because I sip my water or clear my throat or one of my kids barges into my studio while I'm recording.

  • Let your network know you're listening by using the hashtag #WERKinMommas. 

Grab your water, tea, whiskey, or whatever pleases your palate. Let's go!