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Why I Started My Coaching Programs

Hey, I'm Nikki.

I struggled with the CPA exam - too much going on at work and at home, and not really wanting to go through all of those course materials. I passed, failed and lost credit and after 13 times, I'm a Certified Public Accountant!

Yes, 13 times. As frustrated as I was feeling like I'd never have all 4 credits at the same time, I was learning something beyond things tested on the exam. I relearned the importance of discipline and how to manage my time. I discovered new ways to deal with feeling defeated. I reaped the benefits of taking a risk on myself even with more than half of black CPA candidates quitting after the first fail. 

I figured out why I kept failing, and it wasn't all related to getting answers wrong. Sometimes I thought I could skip chapters or retake FAR without studying. There were moments where I was so stuck on a topic that I didn't have time to review other topics before exam day.  I can appreciate the fails and lost credits now because no matter what, I realized the power of believing in myself.

I said after I passed I'd help other candidates learn what it takes to beat the CPA exam. I admit I wasn't sure how I'd do it. Instead, I focused on creating programs that provided the things I wished I had as a candidate - like being able to discuss career options with a CPA that looked like me or connect with an instructor who could make those tough topics easier to understand.

Candidates have said they choose to work with me because they don't get to talk to an actual person with their course materials or they want to learn new ways to master exam concepts instead of memorizing. Through private sessions or on-demand tutorials, the coaching programs are comprehensive CPA exam review programs or they can supplement your existing course materials.

Watch my free CPA exam tutorials, listen to the podcast, or schedule a CPA exam coaching session to create your study plan.