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My message to CPA candidates: 

“Make this short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.

 - Nikki Winston

CPA Exam Instructor | Career Advisor | Technical Accounting Writer

From Candidate to Credentialed

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Curious about CPA Evolution? Click below for free CPA exam resources. 

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All Things CPA Exam

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CPA Exam Questions Simplified

There's practice questions from all 4 exam sections. I picked these questions as they can easily trip you up if you don't read them carefully.

Take time to LEARN, not just memorize the reasoning behind the concepts and make your own notes so you can apply what you've learned to other questions and other exam sections.

Nikki Winston, CPA

CPA Exam Instructor | Career Advisor | Technical Writer

I sat for 13 exams over 1,373 days. I struggled with the CPA exam because (1) I didn’t know how to study effectively and (2) couldn't find time to study being a mom and working full-time I already didn’t have enough time to do anything else.

The Winston CPA Exam Virtual Classroom contains all of the strategies, simulations tips, and question tricks that I learned as a CPA candidate. If you're struggling to pass the CPA exam, join us in the virtual classroom. 

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CPA Exam Questions Simplified Free Download.png

Why do you keep getting all the practice questions wrong?

This is NOT the traditional CPA exam review course.

I built this program around what candidates tell me they need. They’re committed to studying but they want to maximize their study time. They want a different way of looking at the accounting concepts, instead of glazing over something and then memorizing for an exam that’s weeks or months away.

The Winston CPA Exam Virtual Classroom is not like other review programs:

​ - Proven study strategies and exam tips not found in traditional review courses

 - Learn frequently-tested accounting concepts not just memorization

 - Self-paced format supplements other course materials

 - Created with love by a 13-time CPA candidate who understands the CPA exam struggle

Study group

The Winston CPA Exam Virtual Classroom

had a 100% pass rate in the first 3 months!

What this community is:

  • Created by CPAs who have taken the computerized CPA exam

  • Equipped to provide you with CPA exam strategies, guidance, & career coaching for the CPA exam

  • Access to a diverse network of active CPAs, candidates, and exclusive career opportunities

What this community is NOT:

  • Answers to every multiple-choice question, simulation, & written communication

  • A skate-by program to memroize & skip studying

  • Free. The same way you’d pay for books and questions for other CPA exam review programs, give us that same love. 🥰


Premium podcast episodes

As a member of the Winston CPA Exam Virtual Classroom, you have exclusive access to CPA exam series. Each episode focuses on specific exam topics and best practices to still have a life while you study for the CPA exam.

Monthly CPA Exam Q&A with Nikki

Each month we host a live Q&A for you to ask all of your questions about the CPA exam, study tips, and what to expect after you pass the exam. The sessions are recorded so if you miss one, as a premium member you’ll have access to the session replays I’m your private podcast feed.

Score release analysis

Premium members get a free analysis of CPA exam scores. If you failed the exam and need to know where you went wrong, the score analysis pinpoints areas to focus on plus proven study tips so you learn the concepts.

Members-only Content Library

Get unlimited access to my CPA exam content; these are study notes, practice exam questions, simulation tutorials, and more. Plus: CPA candidate workbooks and my courses on managing stress and anxiety while studying for the CPA exam. 

CPA exam topic tutorials

Do you feel like you're studying for hours but not learning anything? I've created tutorials on the frequently tested CPA exam topics to help you better understand the concepts. You can then apply what you've learned to other sections of the CPA exam - and your accounting career once you get your license.

The CPA Exam Virtual Classroom covers all 4 sections of the exam and even if you’ve already purchased a review course, the program is built to reinforce your learning and give you a unique way of looking at accounting concepts.

Reviews & Kind Words

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"The FAR workshop was very informative, especially with the MCQs. I find it better to go over the exam material with a live person verses watching a lecture more than once."

Future CPA

CPA Exam Virtual Classroom Intro.png

"The FAR workshop was definitely worth the investment!"

Future CPA

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"I look forward to Nikki’s podcast especially all things CPA exam related and motivation. It’s like I have found my long lost friend."

Podcast Listener


Employers & Universities: 

Your students and employees need your support to pass the CPA exam. Invest in them.

I offer group CPA exam review & coaching for professionals. I'm happy to come to your campus, office, or virtual stage to talk about the CPA exam.

I worked in accounting for TEN years before I got serious about the CPA exam.

I sat for 13 exams over 1,373 days. I struggled with the CPA exam because (1) I didn’t know how to study effectively and (2) couldn't find time to study being a mom and working full-time I already didn’t have enough time to do anything else.

My biggest professional accomplishment is passing that exam and becoming a CPA. I started my journey with the traditional approach of enrolling in a review course - spending hours reading 60+ page chapters, watching lectures, trying to consume all of this information - only to get to the practice questions and all of my answers were wrong. Here I am putting in all these hours of studying and re-reading things 3 and 4 times like why is this not clicking, and then I realized that method wasn’t working for me. I passed the CPA exam when I switched my study strategies and focused on understanding the concepts instead of trying to memorize everything.

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Future CPAs: What's Your Story?

Which exam are you studying for? What made you choose accounting? Share your CPA exam journey and get featured in our CPA Candidate Spotlight!

Click right here to start the interview and upload your dopest photos for the feature. 

Math Formulas and a Calculator

Questions from CPA Candidates

about the CPA exam...

I heard FAR is really hard. How do I pass it?

Don't believe everything you hear. FAR wasn't that difficult to me - but audit gave me the BLUES, so it depends. It's important to learn FAR content because it repeats in other sections of the CPA exam. Have you listened to the Get Focused with FAR podcast episode? It's how I prepared myself to take FAR - all 3 times.

What are CPA exam blueprints and what do I do with them?

CPA exam blueprints are the outlines issued by the AICPA that provide candidates with a list of topics that could be tested on each section of the CPA exam (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG). Most review courses build their curriculums around blueprints.

The latest blueprints were recently issued. Download your copy and watch this tutorial I created to show you how to use the blueprints as you study: How to Use CPA Exam Blueprints

I heard the CPA exam is hard. What can I do to not stress myself out?

The CPA exam is a challenging worth taking so don't stress. That's easier said than done right?

Here's my advice to candidates on dealing with anxiety and exam-day jitters: Dealing with CPA Exam Stress & Anxiety.

I just graduated. How soon should I start studying for the CPA exam?

First, kudos on earning your degree! Once you graduate and want to go for your CPA license, download the latest version of NASBA's CPA Candidate Bulletin from the AICPA's website. This guide gives you an overview of the exam process, scoring, and application process. 

Another useful resource is my CPA Exam 101 course that you can access for free here: CPA Exam 101.

I want to become a CPA but where do I start?

Start first with getting familiar with the CPA exam structure & content. Then understand who the key players are and what it takes to pass. 

I could write a ton more but here's a free course I created that addresses everything new candidates need to know to get started with the CPA exam. Access my free CPA Exam 101 course.

I have kids. How and where do I find study time?!

Being a busy mom is overwhelming enough - then add to that the CPA exam?!

Studying and parenting ain't easy, but it's doable. There's a session called Finding Time to Study in the CPA Exam Virtual Classroom for simple ways to study with kids or while working (or both)!

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