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Speaking & Content Writing Services

I can go all the way back to 1st grade when I fell in love with writing. My teacher would give us 1 piece of paper to write a story and I always needed extra paper. That continued on throughout grade school.

Fast forward to high school, undergrad, and grad school and I'd take writing a 20-page paper over a multiple-choice exam any day. 

Now I combine my love for writing and accounting, taxes, and career advice to create content for clients. My work is featured in Forbes, Reader's Digest, Bloomberg and many others. Clients have requested both published and ghostwritten content about:

  • Technical Accounting

  • Small Business Taxes

  • CPA Exam Content

  • Leadership & Career Advice

Submit your writing or speaking request below and I'll be in touch. 

Scroll down and check out my writing & content featured in some pretty cool places!

T-Mobile for Business: 5 Personal Credit Hacks to Boost Your Business Credit Score

Good business credit is one of the most important keys to an entrepreneur’s success. New business owners may find it challenging to establish business credit, especially those that have not been in business long enough to meet credit approval guidelines. If your credit score is not where you want it to be, the good news is you can fix it.


Forbes: Unlock Your Dream Job

Had you known on your first day what you know now, would you have accepted that job? Money aside, benefits aside, talking strictly about what you do every day? Is your job that you’re doing true to what was presented in your interview? Are you back talking to recruiters?


Bloomberg: CPA Exam Makeover Risks Raising Hurdles for Black Accountants

Winston tells her clients—primarily Black, first-generation accounting graduates and seasoned professionals she counsels to follow her path—that the pricey slog of 150 college credit hours required to earn a CPA license is worth the sacrifice, opening up a potentially lucrative corporate or public accounting career.

“It’s a barrier to the extent that you allow it to be,” Winston said of the extra 30 hours. 


Journal of Accountancy Tech Roundtable

Automation creates the consistency that ensures you don't miss any steps, which is great for firms that are just starting out and still trying to figure out how things should operate. It's also helpful for firms needing to get new staff up to speed. That workflow is almost like the blueprint to show employees how things should be done.

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Whole Motherhood Podcast: Knowing Your Business Numbers with Nikki Winston, CPA

We talk to Nikki Winston, Founder of Winston CPA and Werkin’ Mommas Concierge Service and podcast about the importance of knowing your business numbers, and how she is addressing a huge need for mamas to get help with practical day-to-day tasks through her concierge service.

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Forbes: Do You Have What It Takes to be the BOSS?

To be a small business owner, you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I came from the corporate world, where a fixed salary, pay date, and benefits were all the norm. Once you step out on your own, those luxuries go away.

Stand Up Meeting

LLC vs. Corporation: Which is Right for my Business?

This is your Past Event description. Consider sharing a brief overview of the event, including special moments that took place or any other colorful details. Recreate the full experience for your readers by adding photos, videos or other visual components.


Coursera: Financial Accounting Explained

Accounting students and professionals learn how to evaluate financial statements while performing general accounting duties.

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