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#CareerConvos™️: Career Empowerment  for Ambitious Accountants 

#CareerConvos™️ Coaching Sessions

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#CareerConvos: 2 Coaching Sessions

Figure out what you're good at and how to articulate your value in your resume and social media profiles.

#CareerConvos: 4 Coaching Sessions

Prepare to market yourself to employers and showcase your skillset for job interviews. Negotiate for the things you really want from A to Z. Set yourself up for success from Day 1.

#CareerConvos: 6 Coaching Sessions

Transform your brand. Position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Prepare for your role as a leader. Managing your manager.


When it comes to your career, if your goal is to:

 - Articulate your talent and expertise to hiring managers

 - Find a job that aligns with your career goals

 - Learn the unwritten rules of working in corporate

 - Get comfortable asking for more money without feeling awkward

 - Get excited about going to work everyday 

…then join the #CareerConvos™️ Experience! 

Looking for Career Advice?

We'll send you all the career tips, job interview questions, and invites to our #CareerConvos events. Let's connect!

Work Desk

#CareerConvos is an executive coaching program where we talk candidly about: 

 - Crafting the resume to tell your story 

 - Having employee-manager conversations

 - Asking for feedback - even if it isn't good

 - Unwritten rules & corporate politics

 - Negotiating the kitchen sink - beyond the paycheck

 - Managing upward

 - Leadership development

 - Making your presence known

 - The good and bad of "job hopping"

 - What recruiters are…and what they aren’t

 - Job interviews - before, during, and after

 - Mentorship is a must

 - Making work and life work

 - Quitting gracefully + the quitting checklist

 - And so much more!

Kind words from LinkedIn:

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My career advice online...

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What the biggest professional mistake you’ve made?

There's so many instances where I've beat myself about things that happen at work. Then I reflect on what I learned from those experiences. That one mistake teaches a big lesson so focus on the learnings you've gained from your experiences.

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