#CareerConvos: Career Advice for Ambitious Professionals

When it comes to your career, if your goal is to:

  • Articulate your talent and expertise to hiring managers

  • Find a job that aligns with your career goals

  • Learn the unwritten rules of working in corporate

  • Get comfortable asking for more money without feeling awkward

  • Get excited about going to work everyday 

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FORBES: Unlock Your Dream Job


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#CareerConvos: Career and Leadership Development

We all come to a point where we need to talk to somebody about the next career move. Where do you find that dream job? How do you negotiate a bigger paycheck? When will you be ready for a promotion? If you're looking for answers to these questions, check out the #CareerConvos Masterclass! 

With #CareerConvos, I share career advice with professionals looking to elevate their jobs, expertise, and paychecks. 

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